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Overall satisfaction

4/5 Stars (Based on 1 review)

Quality of the dive briefing
4/5 Stars
Safety (O2, AED, EFR kit available)
4/5 Stars
Service level
4/5 Stars
Diving Quality
5/5 Stars
Crew knowledge
5/5 Stars
Overall Experience
4/5 Stars

4/5 Stars

Manuel Thiesen

Did my AOWD with Aquatica back in 2014.

Everything went fine and as planned before. Even one risky situation near the Um El Faroud was handled as good as possible by o e of their experienced divemasters.
They were always prepared for emergency, and never put the course attendants into unknown or bad environments.
Solely the briefings could need a little more information about marine life that can be seen at the diving spots.

Even after the dives and the paperwork the crew was there for questioning or an after-work chill-out at local clubs/bars

Definitely a Dive centre I can recommend! A good staff team, best-value and remarkable dives!

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