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drop off in Cozumel

One of the Caribbean's most treasured jewels, Cozumel, Mexico, extends an open invitation to enjoy whatever suits your fancy. Find a lively beach that thrives with mariachi music or a tranquil haven where crashing waves are the only song you’ll hear. Travel through lush, exotic jungles on a dune buggy or soar through them on a zipline.

Shop in modern plazas or barter with local flea merchants, and return home with fine silver and other jewelry, leather goods, pottery and more. Rent a jeep for a windblown, coastal drive to a lighthouse, or visit castles and stunning archeological wonders including those dating back to the Mayan settlement in 300 A.D.

If water sports are on the agenda, Cozumel is as luring as the mermaid’s song, beckoning you to kiss dolphins, swim with manatees, snorkel with string rays and deep sea or bottom fish for grouper, snapper and even barracuda. Especially popular with snorkelers is Paradise Reef, famous for its “Sky of Stars” area where the seafloor is covered with languishing starfish.

Scuba diving the 2nd biggest reef in the world

Explore Cozumel

The turquoise waters are crystal clear beneath their sun washed surface, drawing scuba divers from around the world to explore more than 30 reefs and barriers. While Cozumel’s underwater oasis is mesmerizing to those who dive deep within, it is simply everyday living for more than 250 species of tropical fish, sea turtles, moray eels, barracudas, lobsters, crabs, sting rays, harmless nurse sharks and other marine life that ranks as some of the sea’s most beautiful creations.

They welcome visitors, though, many who can’t resist exploring the Mesoamerica Reef, which ranks as the largest in the Western Hemisphere. Cozumel also offers night, twilight, cave, nitrox and advanced reef dives. The waters of Cozumel draw the most experienced divers as well as the novice. Some resorts and facilities offer diving lessons, and while Cozumel allows non-certified divers to participate in excursions, it is advised they make arrangements through highly recommended and qualified dive shops or programs.

At day’s end, Cozumel ushers in the evening with glorious sunsets of shimmering color, the perfect view for dinner at one of many restaurants. Nightlife is festive, usually offering live music and always providing an air of friendly fun. With all that happens in Cozumel, it is hard to believe it only expands 30 miles along the Mexican coast. Whatever you choose to do, though, Cozumel’s warm sun will only be surpassed by one thing – it’s even warmer hospitality.

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