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There is one main reason why video is important. Because it sells.

Would you like a video which promotes your scuba dive operation and you can use to share on your website, social media and e mail?

After we have made a video we will send you the file which you use to upload it to you YouTube Channel. As soon as you have uploaded the file we will share via our Google+ community our Facebook page and twitter account

How does it work?

  • We create a video from pictures that we used to set up your profile page + some of your public pictures on Facebook
  • We add effective visual calls to action
  • We use proper SEO tactics that should make the video rank well in Google
  • We share the video via our social media channels to boost the views

We now offer dive operators the option to purchase a video for only USD $99

What are the benefits of video?

  • We add specific calls to action towards your website
  • We add your e mail address + url in the video
  • You can upload the video to your own YouTube channel

Would you like to order a video? Contact us and we can discuss the options.

Written by Rutger Thole who founded bookyourdive early 2012 because he saw that there was no simple and easy to use platform where divers could go to, to read scuba blogs, browse dive centers within locations and where they could read reviews from other scuba divers.

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