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Nusa Lembongan is one of the gorgeous islands of Bali that features an array of marine species that divers from around the globe flock to experience.

The Mola Mola, or rare Sunfish, is one of the many friendly animals you'll find in these waters, and you definitely won't miss one when you see it, as these fish can grow to an average of 2 metres in length!

Overall, this small island, which is located off the southeast coast of Bali, is one of the area's most popular diving destinations, providing a slower pace and a beautiful underwater world. It's no surprise that its clear waters invite divers, snorkelers, and swimmers from all over the world.

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How to Get to Nusa Lembongan?

Once you arrive in Bali, the next step is to get to the island of Nusa Lembongan, and the best way to do this would be by boat. Depending upon your budget and just how quickly you want to arrive at your destination, there are several options available.

The majority of the boats leave from Sanur Beach, but the particular arrival and departure points will vary depending upon the tide. You can also book boats that will take you to Nusa Lembongan from Benoa Harbour.

Public boats run from Kusamba and Padang Bai, but these aren't as safe or comfortable as other options, so they aren't usually recommended to travellers.

Best Time to Dive Nusa Lembongan?

July through September is the ideal time of year to head over to Nusa Lembongan to experience the Mola Mola. Otherwise, diving is available all year round.

Just be aware that the conditions associated with scuba diving Nusa Lembongan can be more difficult during certain months of the year. Generally, expect the toughest conditions to be throughout the months of June through September. And beware, too, that the water can be quite cold, so be sure to pack the appropriate wetsuit.

Scuba Diving Nusa Lembongan is Suitable For:

Because of difficult surface conditions throughout the island's many dive sites, scuba diving Nusa Lembongan can be challenging. And because the currents, too, can be quite strong, these sites are best reserved for divers who are at the intermediate or advanced levels.

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Article written by Rutger Thole who is an avid scuba diver and loves to travel, dive and write about scuba diving. Based in Amsterdam he runs and at least twice a year he plans a dive trip of the beaten track.

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