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About Scuba Diving Dahab

Scuba diving Dahab world-renowned because it is one of the deepest places in the Red Sea with bottomless depths that exceed 2000 square feet.

It has also one of the most accessible coral reefs in the Red sea and can simply be accessed from the shores of one of Dahab’s many beaches.
Scuba Divers wade in and swim to coral reefs teeming with butterfly fish, triple-fin blennies and the elusive hammerhead sharks.

The main dive entry point, called the Blue Hole is just off the beach and leads divers easily to the many coral gardens and walls in the area. Thanks to volcanic activity and a high salinity, the Red Sea is one of the warmest seas on earth and offers divers unique landscapes filled with fish and coral species that are not found anywhere else in the world.

Scuba Diving Dahab
Scuba Diving Dahab

When is the best time to go Scuba Diving Dahab?

The sea water at Dahab is warm all year long and varies from 20oC in winter to 28oC in the summer. The air temperatures in August typically exceeds forty degrees Celsius which may be too hot for some visitors.

If you want to see whale sharks you should visit Dahab region between the end of May and early July. Dahab is located in the Sinai desert and temperatures at night can drop drastically to about sixteen degrees.

Must see Dahab Scuba Dive Sites:

  • Golden Blocks – If you are a beginning diver then this is a good place to start. A sandy sloping beach is dotted with pinnacles of coral that lead into deeper pockets of blue inhabited by eagle mantras and large tuna.
  • The Canyon – The Canyon is a cone shaped coral reef with a hole in the top that is almost closed over that divers can soar into to view beautiful coral gardens filled with glassfish, octopus and puffer fish
  • The Bells – This is a deep grove in the coral reef that boasts some of the bluest water in the world and features 200 foot high walls of black coral and sea fans.
  • Eel Garden – You enter the shallow eel garden from a lagoon on the beach and watch thick schools of morays scatter and slither among the most beautiful coral gardens.
  • The Caves – These are caverns have eroded under the shoreline. In the shallow depths grows a spectacular variety of Red Sea anemone.
  • Napoleon Reef – This reef can only be accessed by boat and catches major ocean currents. Some days the reef is too choppy to visit but an excursion offers views of some endemic coral with unique pastel colors that are not found anywhere else in the world. It is also a famous locale for Napoleon fishes, which is how the reef got its name.
  • Three Pools– This is a shallow sandy lagoon with three pools that is home to horse fish, leopard sharks, sea moths and stonefish.

Marine Life found in Dahab

  • Clown fish
  • Moray eels
  • Turtles
  • Octopus
  • Glass fish
  • Pufferfish
  • Sea Moths
  • Seahorses
  • Stonefish
  • Leopard sharks
  • Manta rays

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Here are some tips for booking the flight and making it to Dahab:

  • Dahab is not a large place and the economy is largely supported by four of five large luxury hotels that offer excursion packages. These packages often include pick up from Sharm El Sheikh and Taba.

  • If you are in Alexandria, Cairo or other destinations in Egypt you can easily book a ticket from The Upper Egypt Bus Company into Dahab

  • The East Delta Bus company also goes back and forth from major cities and has routes that pass through Dahab every day

About Dahab

Dahab in Egypt is a premier diving location in the Red Sea and one of the oldest scuba diving destinations in the world. Dahab is a glamorous city and aside from the amazing snorkeling and diving experiences that you will find there, you can also choose to go on desert excursions, camel rides and visit the charming Bedouin outdoor markets. It is an hour’s drive through the desert from Taba to the south and is snuggled between the coast and the mountains.

Divers who visit Dahab can also enjoy wind-surfing, kite-surfing and excursions to the top of Mount Sinai to watch spectacular sunsets. Many of the major hotels also offer Bedoin style outdoor dinners under the stars.

How to Get to Dahab?

Dahab is located conveniently between two airports including the major international Sharm El Sheikh airport that is about 85 km north and the smaller Taba airport that is 120 km south. Both are served by EgyptAir.

Article written by Rutger Thole who is an avid scuba diver and loves to travel, dive and write about scuba diving. Based in Amsterdam he runs and at least twice a year he plans a dive trip of the beaten track.

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