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About Scuba Diving Koh Samui

If you would like to go Scuba diving Koh Samui expect to do wall dives, cave dives, and reef dives. A variety of marine life, from corals to sharks, call this island and its beaches home, making each scuba dive in dive in Koh Samui a thrill.

The scuba dive sites surrounding Koh Samui are some of the best in the Andaman Sea and scuba divers from all over the world come and visit the Island every year.

The famous longtail boats as soon in Koh Samui

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When to is the best time to go scuba diving Koh Samui?

Koh Samui has a tropical climate that is very pleasant throughout the entire year, but it also differs from that of Thailand. Average temperatures range from 25-34 degrees Celsius, or 77-93 degrees Fahrenheit.

Humidity is usually high as well, but sea breezes help you stay comfortable. Expect the weather on Koh Samui to be dry from February through May, along with the usually warm temperatures. Therefore, February through May make the best time of year to go scuba diving Koh Samui.

A cooler season extends from October through January. The rainy season, which could pose the threat of monsoons, runs from September to November.

Clear waters with great visibility, ranging from 3-30 meters, offer temperatures of 27-30 degrees Celsius, or 81-86 degrees Fahrenheit, making this a perfect diving location.

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Dive Sites Found in Koh Samui

Most of the dive operators located in Koh Samui will take their divers to Koh Phangan and Koh Tao where the water is clearer, and the dives are more interesting.

Three great options that you may be offered when Scuba Diving Koh Samui probably include:

  • Sail Rock – This incredible wall dive, featuring swim-throughs and a variety of marine life, is a quick speedboat ride from Koh Samui, and it is a great dive site for beginners and experienced divers, as there are various depths and strong currents in certain areas of the site.
  • Angthong Marine Park – This is a perfect site for beginners, thanks to the calm waters and shallow depths, where they can experience an abundance of marine life including fish and corals.
  • Chumphon Pinnacle – This site features four underwater pinnacles, and its deep waters, ideal for advanced divers with a lot of experience, feature everything from schools of tropical fish to reef sharks, whale sharks, and colorful reefs.

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Marine Life Found in Koh Samui

Koh Samui features an incredible abundance of marine life. The tropical waters are home to a variety of coral that are colorful and teeming with life, including schools of fish and smaller marine creatures.

In these waters, you can see rabbit fish, parrot fish, batfish, angelfish, wrasse, snapper, barracuda, tuna, giant groupers, trevally, pipe fish, and fusiliers, in addition to crabs and shrimp. You may even catch a glimpse of reef sharks or whale sharks.

About Koh Samui

Located in the Gulf of Thailand, about 700 km from Bangkok, Koh Samui is a truly beautiful island getaway that offers breathtaking views, incredible water experiences like diving and snorkeling, and even entertaining nightlife.

This fairly large island offers a number of sandy beaches, with Lamai and Chaewang being the two most popular for tourists, but others are more serene, including Laem Yai, Mae Nam, and Choeng Man, so there is something here for every type of traveler.

Most people travel to Koh Samui simply to enjoy the beaches. Visitors can also enjoy the local cuisine, including the coconuts and fish the island is known for.

You can also check out Buddhist temples, shrines, and gardens, as well as take in the natural beauty, including waterfalls and the Grandmother and Grandfather Rocks located on Lamai Beach (ask a local for the legend behind these interesting rock formations).

How to Get to Koh Samui

Samui features a small airport that receives flights daily. Though tickets to Koh Samui are pricey, flying is a quick and comfortable way to get to the island. Most flights to Koh Samui are from Bangkok, so you can book a direct flight to Bangkok and then take a connecting flight to Koh Samui Airport.

Berjaya Air also has flights from Kuala Lumpur to Koh Samui daily. You can also travel on Thai Airways or Orient Thai Airways to Surat Thani and then take a boat to Koh Samui.

Other areas you can connect o Koh Samui from include Singapore, Hong Kong, Pattaya, Phuket, and Chiang Mai. Once you land on the island, you can travel to your destination using rental cars and scooters or taxis.

From Surat Thani or Koh Pha Ngan, you have the option of taking a ferry to Koh Samui. Depending on where you are leaving from, the journey by ferry can take anywhere from 1-2 hours.

Article written by Rutger Thole who is an avid scuba diver and loves to travel, dive and write about scuba diving. Based in Amsterdam, he runs and at least twice a year he plans a dive trip of the beaten track.

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