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About Scuba Diving in Malta

Scuba diving in Malta is better known for awesome wreck diving. Some shipwrecks date back hundreds of years, and they have rave reviews throughout the scuba diving community. When you visit Malta on a scuba dive trip you must at least explore one shipwreck to feel like you have touched the surface when it comes to what scuba diving in Malta is all about.

Cave and cavern diving is certainly the next biggest thing around scuba diving in Malta, with hundreds of cave and caverns on offer for scuba divers to explore.

The Azure Window, Dwejra Bay, Gozo - Malta

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When is the best time to go scuba diving in Malta?

For many divers, choosing the right time of year to go scuba diving in Malta ai the most important part of the whole planning process.

For those that are planning a scuba dive trip to Malta, the best times to visit tend to be between the start of May and the end of October. During this period, there are lots of dive operators operating day trips.

The visibility peaks during this part of the year and the weather is at its very best. There are even some great opportunities for families to experience scuba diving together with some great shallow shore dives.

The Top Dive Sites Found in Malta

Although the dive sites in Malta will probably not be renowned for being the world’s very best, they are certainly high quality. It is a range of great dive sites that tend to attract people to the area, with a huge range of wrecks, caves and reefs to explore, alongside some great shore diving too.

  • Navy Boats P29 & P31 – These boats are one of the focal points of the area, as they are so big and, therefore, have so much to offer divers, which is why they attract thousands of divers every single year; certainly worth a look.
  • HMS Maori – Situated near Fort St. Elmo, this is a ship that was damaged heavily back in 1943. It was stripped of anything worth any value, including weapons, and since then has been known as one of the best dives sites in the whole of the country; a must see for any experienced diver visiting here.
  • MV Hellespont – Another of the great wrecks to come and visit during a dive trip to Malta, which was built back in 1910 and eventually sank in 1942; currently sitting at a total depth of around 40m, so again, ideal for experienced divers.

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Marine Life Found in Malta

Like many of the great places to dive throughout the world, Malta is one that is home to a great range of marine life. For those that are looking to get close to nature, this is certainly going to be one of the best experiences of their lives. They will have plenty of opportunities to get up close and personal with a range of species, including the likes of damsel fish, squid, gurnards, red mullet and even a range of bream.

About Malta

Malta is a popular tourist destination in the southern part of Europe. This is partly because it is situated in the central region of the Mediterranean, meaning that the weather here is exceptional throughout the year. Many parts of Malta have seen some extensive development over the last decade, which is an effort to try and match the demand from tourists.

Although these are great places to stay, some of the best places to explore tend to be the places that are a lot less commercialised. There are plenty of smaller towns throughout the country, where history plays an important part in everyday life and culture and community is strong.

How to Get to Malta?

Getting to Malta is incredibly easy, as this is a European country that has been heavily developed over the last decade or so. The Malta International Airport tends to be the central hub for travellers and for people that are coming here for a diving vacation. The majority of visitors that come here tend to use public transport to get to the various locations throughout the country. Those looking for scuba diving excursions can book a tour operator through their holiday provider on both day trips, but also multi-day live-a-board trips as well.

Article written by Rutger Thole who is an avid scuba diver and loves to travel, dive and write about scuba diving. Based in Amsterdam, he runs and at least twice a year he plans a dive trip of the beaten track.

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