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Overall satisfaction

5/5 Stars (Based on 31 reviews)

Quality of the dive briefing
4/5 Stars
Safety (O2, AED, EFR kit available)
4/5 Stars
Service level
4/5 Stars
Diving Quality
4/5 Stars
Crew knowledge
4/5 Stars
Overall Experience
4/5 Stars

5/5 Stars

Nikhil Desai

We did a South Andamans dive trip on board the INFINITI in late January 2017. The experience was one of a kind and exhilarating. The dive sites were awesome with excellent visibility and marine life. The ship and rooms were nice and the friendly and helpful crew made our stay very comfortable. We look forward to diving again with the Infiniti.

5/5 Stars

Ian Harper

Spent a wonderful 5 day Christmas trip on board Infinity with my wife and we had a wonderful time. Lovely and relaxed Dive guides were amazing always helpful and knowledgeable and fun to dive with. Crew were wonderful and the chief always cooked up terrific meals. Which leaves the owner Sunil who is so passionate about diving the islands and wants to share it with everyone Perfrct eay to spend Christmas. Many thanks to everybody

5/5 Stars


Great boat, crew, food, and amazing diving! Would definitely return to dive with the Infiniti!

5/5 Stars

Marion Williams

This is the first live aboard dive boat I have been on so I had high expectations when it was recommended as a luxury dive boat. I was expecting something like a luxury cruise ship :) its not, however it's a luxury dive yacht with private two person rooms and ensuite bathrooms. The service was very personal. The dive team took care of our every need. The food was excellent and plentiful. And the dives were world class, amazing, not to be forgotten. Thank you,

5/5 Stars

Ruhi Ruperee

The first liveaboard in India, the MV Infiniti is a one of a kind experience and is the best possible way to experience the Andaman islands.
I was on the 5N cruise around the southern Andaman islands of Cinque, Passage and Sisters and it was an amazing experience. These islands are uninhabited and the experience was quite exclusive to everyone on board the Infiniti.
With a warm and friendly crew, exclusive and gorgeous dive sites around the beautiful islands, I am definitely joining them again for more dive holidays.

5/5 Stars

Sidharth Muralidharan

I am a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer who worked as part of the Infiniti dive team during it's second season. Before that, I helped manage two prominent dive centers in the Andaman Islands.

My first time on the gorgeous Infiniti was as a guest divemaster. I was fortunate enough to be on board for a Narcondam Island – Barren sland – Havelock Island trip in March 2014. Not only did I have the time of my life, but I also learned to push my boundaries & limits as a diver. Working off the Infiniti was a whole new ball game as compared to my earlier experience. It takes a higher level of commitment and dedication to be part of Team Infiniti. This is a direct result of the type of (and amount of) diving conducted on this boat. The Infiniti is the only Live-aboard in India. As part of the team, I get to dive a LOT, and exclusively, in some of the most remote and unexplored parts of the World. For a diver, this is the Holy Grail.

After my first encounter with the exotic and mystical islands of Barren and Narcondam, I knew instantly that I wanted to be part of Team Infiniti, and I signed up for the next season too. It has been the best few months of my diving career. From encountering my first Whale Shark, to observing gigantic Oceanic Mantas feed for hours, to witnessing exploding Volcanoes and watching Dolphins hunting in the hundreds, it has been a walk (dive) on the wild side. I simply cannot get enough!

I am looking forward to more frontier diving and other mesmerizing experiences when we get back in the saddle come October. The Andaman Islands are special. Most of the diving here is un-explored. The possibilities are, simply put, Infinite. To me, there is only one way to dive this right – with the Infiniti.

5/5 Stars


Had been to the stunning Barren Island on the Infinity in February 2015. What a trip, brilliant. An active volcano which spills into the andaman sea has some unreal coral and rock formations with an underwater visibility of a few hundred kilometres, just saying. The MV Infinity is nice, spacious and comfortable with freshly cooked food on it. The crew is superb, experienced and take safety seriously. But, they're so much fun.

5/5 Stars

Rony Kapadia

Had the pleasure of going onboard the Infiniti and was one of the most memorable trips....the dive team was professionalism personified and the hospitality was wonderful... would love to be aboard again ...

5/5 Stars

Meher Unvalla

Our trip on the INFINITI was unbelievable - the cabins were large, clean and comfortable, and the crew friendly and happy...
My favourite place, the sundeck, was paradise for someone wanting peace and solitude; watching shorelines of islands, sunrises, sunsets, the moon and stars, dolphins, waters of every colour from clear glass green-white to mesmerising dark, dark, blue-black...
As a non-swimmer, diving in the sea was something I never dreamt of ever doing... but with my amazing (handsome and capable!) dive-instructor, it was an experience of a lifetime which I can never forget, and hope to do again... :)

5/5 Stars

Rohin Unvalla

The Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea; a part of the world where atmospheric pressure changes are a common thing. Where the weather from May to September reflects the Andaman island's lush, dense, evergreen forests. A place where underwater, you would find one of the largest biodiversity of coral and marine life. Where the vast expanses of cliffs and mountains (underwater) have a life long, jaw Dropping impact on you. Where everything is so prestine Because of restrictions by the authorities. .This is where I have lived for the past 5 years.
In the past year though, I have worked as MSDT on the infiniti.
The unpredictable weather, the restrictions on certain islands, (that we have overcome) and the opportunity to see what we have could only be possible off a live aboard from India. The is only one. INFINITI.

any diver who does his homework will know that the Andaman islands is one of the greatest places to dive. Especially off our Amazing volcano, Barren island. Active with all its might, holds the most colorful, vast variety of coral on its walls. (Not to mention the pelagic mantas circling the island). Now, that is 1 of 500 + islands.

The only thing that makes them all accessible is the Infiniti Liveaboard. Battling through rough weather or cruising through flat seas the priority is to do the best diving. The vast distances that the infiniti covers gives you such a variety of diving that one can't help but wonder how much is left unexplored.

The fact that INFINITI goes where no one else goes or has gone before makes every sailing feel like an expedition.
The size of rooms, the food, service and overall comfort makes it feel like a luxury hotel.
The experience with the crew is all personal and everyone feels like part of the family.
the numerous repeat clientele speak for Themselves.
All in all it makes for a fantastic holiday, No matter what level of diver as there are many different places we visit specifically for the kind of dive experience you require.
Being just 2 seasons onld and the 1st and only Liveaboard on India, people are already comparing it to the best in the world.
Do your homework and see for yourself.
The Infiniti has seen magic in the past 2 years...come share it with us.

4/5 Stars

Dive Man

A lot of people are raving about how great their experience with Infiniti has been. Don't get me wrong the boat is excellent and the crew top notch. But in regards to diving experience I would have to say our experience was not that great. If you decide to visit the islands do not go in December as the weather can be bad and as a result the crew is not comfortable with visiting a number of dive sites on the itinerary. The crew was not experienced enough to be able to handle the weather and get us out to the dive spots nor is the boat properly equipped to allow divers to board the zodiacs in rough water. We have experienced the same weather in Egypt when diving and had no problems. I would say that the price does not reflect the experience especially if you are going in December/January and are an experienced diver. The Infinite is a new vessel with a new crew and hopefully they can work out these issues especially if they want to become one of the best liveaboard experiences in the world.

5/5 Stars

Ritwik Bhattacharya

This was one of my best experiences ever! Best possible way to Dive. To learn diving here was really a privilege! Amazing Instructors, Crew and what a beautiful yacht!!! Sunil, Akshay, Shyam, Rohin, Misbah, Vismaya and the entire team really spoilt us and can't wait to be back to the Andaman's and to dive from the infinity again.
7 Star Experience. Also as its India's first liveaboard experience its really like an adventure to dive sites which very few have ever been to!
Thank you very very much

4/5 Stars

Rozat Rangwala

Did my first ever dive in the Sea on Infinity. They have most warm and attentive staff, with excellent on board facilities and diving in most pristine locale with knowledgeable diving instructors. As a beginner i couldn't have asked for anything more than this, it was an absolutely great experience.

5/5 Stars


Superb diving, great staff, incredible service, luxury all the way.
The Infiniti has got it all . Can't wait to come back on soon !!!
Truly a fabulous dive experience. I would rate it in my top 3

5/5 Stars

Gauri Chopra

I am a professional photographer with a degree from the Brooks Institute in California. I am extremely passionate about underwater photography and I have travelled to places like the Maldives, Indonesia (Raja Ampat) & California for diving & underwater photography. I started diving in the Andaman Islands in 2012. Even though the diving was and is still, relatively unknown in the world of international divers & photographers, I was fascinated by the history, ecology and of course the stunning natural beauty of the island itself.

Occupying a huge area of the Indian Ocean, The Andaman Islands is a tropical rain forest. A lush Garden of Eden, with towering trees, and the forests here lead down to white sand beaches, huge areas of mangroves and finally into the ocean where one can experience diving in the coral paradise.

After diving here for 2 whole years, I was almost sure that I had seen a lot underwater and maybe it was time to move on to different oceans…Until I heard about the Infiniti!!! Excited to hear about India’s first ever live-aboard, being launched in the Andaman Islands, and with a hope that it would open up many new possibilities...such as diving the legendary dives at the remote Barren Island, I booked my associate & myself on the first possible trip. Absolutely delighted with the facilities, crew & overall experience, I have already taken seven trips since its launch in December 2013.

This 40meters live-aboard has comfortable, spacious rooms and other relaxing spaces distributed on 4 decks. Guests mostly occupy the main deck or upper deck rooms and the super yacht, takes only up to 12 guests per trip. Surprisingly small number for a live-aboard this size, but it keeps the experience quite exclusive & nicely serviced. Tasty home cooked style food kept us healthy and we were well taken care of by the team. The dive team was experienced and really good at their job; they took us to the doorstep of the best dive spots in the area. Well equipped for photography equipment, with fresh water tanks, drying areas, charging stations and a huge television (lounge area) to view our images/videos was thoughtfully provided.

They do several routes depending on the time of the year and weather. All the trips are really good with nice diving in these pristine islands, & topnotch onboard hospitality. The best diving is at Barren Island, the only active volcano (in south east Asia) with untouched reefs in the surrounding waters – great visibility, thriving corals, Manta Rays and unique topography, with black volcanic sand and much more. Honestly, seven trips are not enough to experience what these magnificent reefs have to offer. Photographers… don’t miss the chance to get on one of the Barren Island trips (I think they do those trips between end –February to mid April). I have been able to capture amazing photos & fantastic video footage from the Andaman Islands on all my trips with the Infiniti… I will soon be putting up a video of the same.

I could write a lot more in great detail, but let it suffice to say that if you are looking for an exciting new diving (and photography) destination, then the Infiniti live-aboard in the Andaman Islands is highly recommended. Go experience it for yourself.

5/5 Stars

Gaurav Arora

Once again on the INFINITI ! Second season for the Boat & my 2nd trip in as many seasons with them. Staff might have changed a bit but BOB(the boats owner) still doesnt know how to say No ! haha.You ask him for anything & he does it ! Just what you want when living on a boat for 5 nights. We were fed very well (Basel), taken care of on & off the boat (Misba), The rooms & toilets are Spic & Span , Dive equipment is top notch & the Dive masters (Shyam , Akshay & Rohin) are very knowledgeable .
Over all Fantastic 15 dives in 4 days & will most def. be returning soon for the Barren Trip.
Thanks to Bob & the crew once again for a stellar dive trip !

5/5 Stars

Deepa singh

Sunsets and sunrises never seemed this insane!!! Just the vaaaaaaaast expanse of ocean and sky was all too much to take im!!!
And.... Its a part of India! I love my country sooo much! Jai hind!!!
Truly submerged myself in the andamans!!!!
Fully tanned bcm a black blob! Hair is color of hay but heart is sooo happy :))
Andamans is up every adventurer's alley...!!
A boat trip.... Trapaising thru those 100s of islands... Along those blue cobalty a must!!!!!!!!
Vismaya and bob... The yatcht owners... Utter darlings. She was celebrating her 40th bday ... A scuba diving party what funn :)
Magical story-filled clouds every day!!!!!
The celestial show just wudn't end!!!!!..... Vissy and i wud almost cry in amazement every evng!!! I think tis is also wat 40s does to u😝
Tucked away pristine beaches... ... Glassy waters and all of a sudden this island elephant strolls by!!... Raja is his name
The beach is called rajanagar.
Properly professionally geared for my first "Real" dive.... For me it wasnt just a dive into the ocean to admire the fish... It was a dive deep into my very self!.. Rooted out any fears i might hv had about the apparatus and equalising and generally about the deep... Was amazing to watch myself and the watery world around synchronise.. And become one..
Ooodles and kaboodles of love showered on me at every point... Vissy u made it sooo terribly special

4/5 Stars

Zahid Rangwala

Have dived on board INFINITI in 2013 and 2014 seasons and each time had a wonderful experience. Warm and attentive staff, excellent on board facilities and diving in most pristine locale. A diver's dream combination, that makes you come back again and again for more. Highly recommended !!!

5/5 Stars

 Michael Beech

I was so impressed with all aspects of infiniti diving. The boat was wonderful and the staff were extremely attentive and absolutely charming. Sunil and Vismaya should be very proud of what they have created for India and the diving community in general.. Their staff could not be better, and I made some lovely friends. Please give Infiniti a try and you will also benefit from the interesting experience of visiting the Andaman islands. Highly recommended

5/5 Stars

ChAranjiv Kaur sahni

Awesum....fantastic...superbbb...amazing....nostalgic... Out of the world...endless fun n memories all I got back home after my 5 day trip to MV Infiniti ... This was my first diving trip to complete my certification , could not have been the best if not on Infiniti... Right from the first step on board , the warm welcum ...the pampering... The care..the comfort ...Puts you on cloud nine...
Everything is jusstttt Soo perfect ...
The rooms.... Cozy n clean
Dive experts ..... Par excellent
Dive sites... Stunning
Staff... Warm
If you love diving.... Infiniti is the ultimate....must must visit....
Seeing is believing ... And come Once - back again n again...
Yeh dil maange more..... Infiniti cheers Godspeed ....goodluck..miss you

5/5 Stars

Shalu Sood

Hello. I went over from Australia for a five night liveaboard experience on Infinity. I am extremely impressed with the professionalism of the entire diving experience right from the diving instructors to the staff on board as well as the service and equipment. Not only are they professional; all the crew are very passionate about their work, very helpful and patient. The yacht is luxurious and I was very pleased with the size and quality of everything including the beds, the bathrooms, the decks. One never feels crowded, there is ample space for everyone to relax between and after dives. Also being from Australia, i was amazed at the variety and abundance of everything below surface! And of course what a fabulous place to spend new year's eve!

5/5 Stars

Sandra Grosemans

Back from a memorable 7 days Christmas diving trip on the Andamans Islands onboard the MV INFINITI.

We were welcomed at the airport in Havelock by Misbah, she and all the rest of the crew members spoiled us from the first to the last minute and took care of all our needs. The Infiniti has all the comforts you can wish for with spacious 2 large twin beds cabins with ensuite bathroom, fully equipped lounge, open air decks and excellent food ( also non-spicy food, specially made for me ). We couldnt find anything to complain about. After the evening dive the crew was waiting for us with hot soup and towels. Life on a liveaboard is Dive, Eat and Sleep, with 4 dives a day and safety stays their primary concern.

After 7 days with a total of 20 dives logged on this trip, tons of happy memories and a fab Christmas under the stars, unfortunately we had to say goodbye. We had a fab trip with a feeling of a home away from home, thanks to Team Infiniti.

5/5 Stars

Srinivas Radhakrishnan

If you love the ocean, love diving and like to do things in style - then MV Infiniti LiveAboard is for you. Right off the bat the hospitality is top notch.

You are picked up from the airport and brought straight on board. The vessel in itself is spacious and luxurious - spread over 4 levels. You will be shown to your cabin (twin sharing) with a comfortable bed, ample storage and a clean bath with running hot water (you'll be especially thankful when youre in the shower post dives). The diving crew is phenomenal, the briefs are very professional and planned out really well to suit your diving calibre. All the equipment is brand new and the rental is an absolute steal.
The food is probably its best kept secret - Chef Basel rolls out wonderful food from the kitchen for both veg and non veg foodies.

The best bit however is the diving. Some phenomenal dive sits which otherwise would have been unreachable were a stone's throw away for all of us on board. Each dive was better than the previous one and every dive site will live up to the hype generated by the dive crew.

We sailed for 5 nights , anchoring all across the Andamans. For those who are worried about motion sickness (like me) the boat is stocked with enough medication and plus you get used to it really soon. Thanks to Bob, Vismaya, Denzi, Shyam, Nikhil, Elli and Arne for the wonderful time onboard MV INFINITI.

After this trip, two things are really clear to me. One: If you're intention is to go diving, then a liveaboard like MV Infiniti is the way to go. You will clock at least 2x dives v/s staying on an island kind of itinerary.
Two: this is definitely going to become an annual thing for me.

Goodluck and Godspeed Infiniti.

5/5 Stars

Gaurav Arora

Back from a memorable Diving trip from the Andamans and Proud of the fact that the Scuba Divers India Group was the first Group onboard the MV INFINITI on her Maiden commercial voyage !

We were a group of 4 divers from Delhi 1 from Chandigarh & 1 from Dubai & were welcomed at the airport in Havelock by Sunil Bakshi , Owner of the MV INFINITI , who actually spent 19 months in Thailand Building her from scratch. Great guy who spoiled us all on the trip cos the Guy just doesn't know how to say No, whatever we wanted - we got on our 5 days 4 nights on board the Boat !

We were transferred to Phoenix Bay Jetty and met Denzil (Cruise Director) who Certified the new divers & Misba (Guest Relations) who really took good care of us through the trip . They gave us a brief of Do's & Dont's while on board & checked us into our Rooms. I've been on Liveaboards before & the Infiniti is leaps & bounds ahead in luxury & space. 6 Rooms ,Each room has 2 extra large twin beds 2 cupboards for storage a desk & a chair. The En Suite bathroom has a running hot & cold fresh water shower , Washbasin & WC.

So we set sail for Neil Island from Port Blair & the Divers doing their Open Water Certification start with their Theory Classes . While getting into Neil Island we are joined by a school of Dolphins swimming at the Bow of our Boat which is always an Auspicious Sign leading to a Dive Trip.

We Dock at the jetty at Neil & head out for a Night Dive , Our first Dive of the trip. We go back to the boat after an amazing dive & join the rest for Drinks , dinner & retire for the night.

Day 2 : Plan for the day - Eat dive Eat Dive Eat Dive Eat Dive Eat Sleep !! The best Itinerary for a divers ears ! While the Guys doing the Certification do their Confined water dives in the lagoon. We meet after a full day of diving & the crew has organised a BBQ on the Top deck where we all gather for the evening

Day 3 : We sail for Havelock Island we dock at the Jetty & same plan as Day 2 - Four Dives for the day , The Certification Gang do their 1st & 2nd Open Water Dives, in the evening we all decide to head out onto Havelock island for Drinks & dinner

Day 4 : Three Dives for the day & the boys doing their certification finish their 3rd & 4th Open water dives

Day 5 : We set sail for port Blair & the Boys take their Open Water Certification exam on the way & are Certified Open Divers now ! First Batch of Divers to be certified on the Infiniti !! We reach Port Blair have Lunch , check out & very sadly leave the Infiniti & her crew for the airport.

The Food throughout the trip on board was great , Brand new Dive Gear , Happy Smiling Crew , we couldnt find anything to complain about the trip really.With a total of 12 dives Logged on the trip , tons of happy memories & new friendships formed we are sure to be back onboard the Inifiniti soon . . .

5/5 Stars

Dhimant Vvyas

I spent 6 days on the Infiniti and its been one of my best diving experience.
The liveaboard is very comfortable with the rooms being bigger then the other liveaboard I have seen. They have a super upper deck and a chill out zone. The food is awesome...The diving staff on the boat are very well trained . The safety is their primary concern. The idea of diving at new sites everyday is the most exiting thing about the liveaboard.
Sunil is a super host too. Overall my best diving experience. Keep it up team Infiniti...looking forward to coming back soon.

5/5 Stars

Vikas Agarwal

A knowledgeable and experienced dive crew & personalized and homely attention of all the support staff including hospitality manager , Misbah made this a wonderful experience . The Infiniti yatch has all the comforts you can wish for with spacious cabins, fully equipped lounge, open air decks and excellent food. A special thanks to Sunil who personally ensured an immensely enjoyable diving as well as post diving experience with the best selection of diving sites and in the evenings, sundown parties on the deck & barbecue under the stars. Positively the best way to dive in India aboard Infinity....

5/5 Stars

Vasan Bala

Had one of the best times of my life. A time to look within and beat some fears and discovering beauty and submitting to nature.

5/5 Stars

Mayanka Shah

One of my most memorable trips ever with a strong feeling of accomplishment!!!!!!

From being a total skeptic and sea- sick prone person, with only confined dive experience - I was initially only keen on a scuba diving from a hotel at Havelock, so that we are spending most of the time on land.

However my friend being an advance diver tried to convince me that liveaboards are way better - however one phone call to Vismaya (owner of Infiniti) and I was finally convinced that Infiniti would be a better diving experience for a beginner like me because - a) the yacht would take me closer to the dive site and only a 5 mins ride on tender vs from the hotel maybe a 45 mins small boat ride to the dive site (which means i would be more sea sick doing it through a hotel!) b) as the no.

of people aboard was a small group, with most being advance divers or atleast a few dives under their belt, me as a first timer would get undivided 1 on 1 attn which is almost unheard of in other places c) it was very luxurious living--- she was correct on ALL counts!! I am soo glad i took her opinion ! We also got to see a lot more- docking at neil, havelock and port blair and the attn i got from the instructors was unparalleled!!

I felt sooo safe and enjoyed my dives from the very second I went underwater on my first dive... there is no looking back now and wish to make Infiniti diving a yearly tradition!!

In addition to what she promised, there were many more surprises awaiting:

hot soup + towels as soon as you came back from your evening dive awaited u, fabulous music and sundowers on the mid level deck post diving, the best food in the world - eating was the main activity after diving!, v comfortable beds, well stocked entertainment in the form of dvds/books/games, dinners at great restaurants at havelock and port blair so that we are not always confined to the yacht ......... and most importantly very friendly crew and warm owners aboard made for a fab trip with a feeling of a home away from home!

Thanks Vismaya and Sunil for making this happen and putting Andamans on the map as a place with International experience- I feel proud of India! :)

5/5 Stars

Gaurav Makhija

FAB FAB FAB. Can only experience it....!!! So go and experience the only live aboard diving boat in India!! Almost PERFECT!!!!

5/5 Stars

Abhijit Pandey

Infiniti  Liveaboard – Super to have this in the Andaman Islands
I went on a 5-night trip on the Infiniti around the Andaman Islands in May 2013. On the live-aboard, the team took care of all my needs very nicely – I took a morning flight from Delhi to Port Blair via Kolkata. Infiniti arranged for me to be picked up from the airport and brought on board. From there on, I was pampered with food, drinks and diving. It was great to wake up in the morning, have a cup of freshly brewed coffee and immediately go for a dive! The onboard chef whipped up some tasty and nutritious meals for us all day. I especially enjoyed the barbecue on the sun-deck at night.
 The rooms are big and well equipped. The lounge & the dining area are a delight.
It is a pleasure to stay on and dive from a new liveaboard. The standard of the boat in terms of design & facilities is high. I am a techno geek and I peeked at the various gizmos on board, its an impressive list of communication & navigation equipment; plus the emergency management things like a CO-2 room onboard etc. I have dived from live-aboards in many parts of the world and the Infiniti sets a new standard. I suppose it is a brand new boat and thatmakes a huge difference to the quality and comfort levels. The dive gear for rental is also all good quality and new.
I would highly recommend the Infiniti Liveaboard to anyone looking for a holiday of luxury and adventure. The Andaman Islands are definitely worth exploringespecially if you are tired of the too-commercial diving in some of the popular places of Asia. The warm tropical waters & marine life of the Indian Ocean are a diver’s delight and the Infiniti is the best possible way to explore them. I will be going again for a trip to Barren Island in February. 

5/5 Stars

Giles Khan

The level of expertise of the diving instructors, the professional of the team involved and the passion that they bring to the experience is inspiring.

From the food, to the cabin crew, to the hospitality, the level of comfort...this is world class outfit.

I have dived in many places around the world and in traditional diving outfits, one is often so tired by reaching teh dive sites in small boats, that one does not have much energy to do more than a dive. On the Infinity, I did 3 dives a day!!! Never have I arrived at the sites in such comfort and ease.

The Andamas offer a wealth of marine life, great visibility in tha water and a plathora of uninhabitated islands. It was such a joy to spend the night, after a great day of diving, anchored off a deserted island, a million stars overhead and a BBQ blazing on the upper deck of the boat.

It is not hard to miss the fact that a lot of love, care and dedication has gone into this...from teh great coffee in the morning, to the attention of the dive team, to the courtsey of the crew..this makes for a special holiday.

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