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Quality of the dive briefing
5/5 Stars
Safety (O2, AED, EFR kit available)
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5/5 Stars

Dashama Cullen

I spent a week diving with Lobster Pot Dive Center, during which time I did a Discover Scuba Diving resort course which I loved so much I decided to to my Open Water Course and then I went on to do my Advanced course too, for some extra experience.

The standard of teaching was fantastic - patient, informative, fun, safe and interesting. The instructional staff obviously know their subject and love teaching.

They're very clued up on the marine life too - I would have missed half the stuff I saw underwater if they hadn't pointed it out to me! The dive sites were awesome - I was very surprised at how good the shore dives are given that various diver friends told me I should make sure I only did boat diving.

The area where they taught me all my basic dive skills was right next to the dive center in the ocean itself so I didn't have to reaclimatize from a swimming pool to salt water.

I did make some boat dives too, on small boats with very few other divers. It was nice not to be in a big group. The dive center itself was very well kept, with a great shop for T shirts, caps, souvenirs etc and spotlessly clean facilities.

I shall be going back to Grand Cayman soon to do more diving and will head straight for the Lobster Pot Dive Center as there's really no need to look elsewhere.

5/5 Stars

Jennifer Hudson Allen

My husband and I were picking up SSI night, deep, and wreck certifications and opted to work with Off The Wall / Lobster Pot Dive Center in Grand Cayman and Tom, Kelly, and Courtney to get them. We dove for several days with Off the Wall.

The only negative thing I can say about this trip is that it had to end.

We accomplished 15 dives with Tom and his wonderful crew- Kelly and Courtney- and were continually overwhelmed with the majesty of the dives. Kelly knows the dive sites like the back if his hand and navigated us to perfect spots every time. Courtney is both kind and patient with everyone and is endlessly knowledgable about what to read in between dives (which I appreciated). Both Kelly and Courtney were wonderful on every dive we shared. They are hysterically funny and wonderful company both on and off the boat.

Tom was phenomenal. He gave us detailed information before we even got to the island. He suggested accommodations, dining options, and also assisted with transportation to and the shop each day. We enjoyed Tom's hospitality at dinner as well. He knows the island, the history, and the diving. He was patient as an instructor and always reviewed the material without it being drudgery. I learned so much and enjoyed every minute!

The other item that I would like to share is that this dive operation is extremely punctual. We have been at several other places in other countries (and in Grand Cayman) where our time was not respected. We left the dock on time or early every day and not a moment was wasted. I loved it. Kelly got us to the sites immediately and we were in the water before most people were out of bed! In addition, we moved to the next dive site immediately and used the surface interval time efficiently.

When it comes to diving, there is no better experience. Our weight dropped considerably as we dove due to the staff coaching us. Our air consumption was the best it has ever been. We easily topped one hour on dive times. At no time were we ever placed in an unsafe situation. Off The Wall is an amazingly phenomenal experience in every aspect.

This is a full service dive operation. Our gear was always ready and waiting for us. We have been in several places that claim full service, yet we are the ones lugging tanks onto the boat! Off The Wall always had everything ready. I have no idea when they refilled tanks or gassed the boat because they were always with clients and helping people! They must work 24/7, yet never seem to be in low spirits.

Every time we were in the water we saw amazing plant and animal life. Each member of Off The Wall knew what we were observing and it was so nice to have a knowledgable guide on every trip.

I could continue on endlessly about this establishment, but part of me doesn't want to say more because we don't want them to be booked when we want to return! In all seriousness, this really is the only place to dive in the Grand Cayman.

There simply is no better place to spend your time, money, and diving.

Dr. Jennifer Hudson Allen
Dallas, TX

5/5 Stars

Bob Solanto

Off The Wall Divers is a great outfit. The staff and owner are top notich.

5/5 Stars


EPIC!! EPIC!! EPIC!!! one of the best experiance of my life!! the best staff and instructors in town!! they made a good experiance EPIC!! they're profecionals and fun!! this is a must do experiance if you're visiting the Cayman Island! looking foward for my next diving experiance with you guys!! (more advance) try it! try it! try it! you wont regret it!

5/5 Stars

Tim Nakashima

My girlfriend and I went to the Lobster Pot Dive Center to get Open Water SCUBA certified. The staff was very friendly, professional and helpful throughout the entire process. We found ourselves hanging out before and after the classes because we enjoyed their company so much. Our instructor was Damien who made everything fun but at the same time he was very thorough and safe. He made sure we legitimately understood and were proficient at everything.

They had plenty of equipment for us to rent in great condition (and made sure it all fit appropriately), the facility is very nice and clean, and the prices were very affordable with no hidden fees or added costs for this or that.

We dove Cheeseburger Reef out in front of the shop for our first two dives, then went on one of their boats, Deep Blue, for our last two dives at Eagle's Nest and Oro Verde. Once again the experience was a pleasure. The boat wasn't overloaded with people, it was a small group.

While on the island, I also had the chance to take a guided dive with another company, but they were not nearly as friendly and welcoming as Lobster Pot. I won't make that mistake again.

When you dive with Lobster Pot, you dive with family! Give them a call, you won't regret it!

5/5 Stars


Had an awesome couple of dives with the crew at Lobster Pot. They gave me first-class service all the way and were so friendly and knowledgeable about the local area and dive sites. It was one of the more entertaining dive briefings I've had too! Thanks guys - I can't wait to come back - can't recommend you highly enough!

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