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Overall satisfaction

3/5 Stars (Based on 2 reviews)

Quality of the dive briefing
3/5 Stars
Safety (O2, AED, EFR kit available)
3/5 Stars
Service level
3/5 Stars
Diving Quality
3/5 Stars
Crew knowledge
3/5 Stars
Overall Experience
3/5 Stars

1/5 Stars

Matt P

Don't use this dive shop! They're more concerned with taking your money than ensure their customers are happy. There are many other better shops in town with better prices, and more importantly, much better service. The two ladies that worked at the front desk were rude and generally unhelpful. They don't understand customer service at all, and would rather lose a customer than go out of their way to ensure their customers are happy. When I told my poor experience to another dive shop in town, they knew exactly what dive shop I was talking about, and said they hear similar complaints from other (former) customers of Mexico Blue Dream all the time.

5/5 Stars

Krista Harrington

Great diving Experience. Great staff, equipment was good and worked perfectly, boat captain and first hand were awesome.
We were briefed on the dives and reminded of signals and safety.
The dives weren't rushed at all and we were cared for above and below the surface. Both Dive Masters let us dive freely and also showed us the sites as we drifted.
Next time I'm in town we will dive with Mexico Blue Dream.

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