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Overall satisfaction

5/5 Stars (Based on 4 reviews)

Quality of the dive briefing
5/5 Stars
Safety (O2, AED, EFR kit available)
5/5 Stars
Service level
5/5 Stars
Diving Quality
5/5 Stars
Crew knowledge
5/5 Stars
Overall Experience
5/5 Stars

5/5 Stars

David Hicks

Pauly and the entire staff are extremely caring and knowledgable. I completed my open water and felt safe and confident. Super cool spot, great food, great people, and great guests. A must do dive vacation.

5/5 Stars

Colin Sollinger

I went to ReefCI as a conservation vacation. I had an incredibly relaxing time while still learning about the ecology and improving my dive skills. I can’t recommend this experience enough to people who like to get off the beaten track. The island was beautiful, quiet and relaxing. The diving was great and NEVER CROWDED. I have been to other dive sites where it is like an underwater traffic jam and here it is just your group which is a rare treat. The draw of the amazing food is not to be underestimated, one of the main things I look forward to when travelling is eating new things. The people I met were all very interesting and well travelled and gave me so many cool ideas for future trips. The whole experience was just so positive and well rounded I can’t imagine anyone not having a once in a lifetime experience there.

5/5 Stars

Lisa Clark

We had an excellent, thorough Open Water course. We felt extremely knowledgeable and confident with our new skills. Simon did a great job going over our knowledge reviews, quizzes, and final exam with us each step of the way checking for our understanding. Simon was also very clear on explaining (during dive briefings above water) and demonstrating (under the water) skills we had to perform as well as patient and reassuring during our execution of the skills.

We also did the Advanced Open Water Course: Polly did a great job with our dive briefings, being very clear on exactly what we would do during each dive. She carried an ease with her that translated into us being okay with whatever came next under the water.

We were given an excellent overview of several species and issues surrounding their niche in their habitat including the parrotfish, lion fish, lobster, conch, triggerfish, Nassau grouper, and others. We focused on the Queen Conch for most of our conservation training and learned how to take various measurements of them. We enjoyed being able to work together to take actual data and see our training come alive in the field.
We enjoyed our diving so much. Each dive was amazing Each time I thought, “Wow, that was a once in a lifetime experience!”

5/5 Stars

Alex Spencer

The diving is certainly “the world’s best kept secret”. It’s one of the few remaining places to be completed cut-off from the typical tourist diving. No dive boats, no other divers… that’s surely reason enough to want to dive off Tom Owen’s island! Not only is it diver-free, it’s also fish-full! We were lucky enough to spend some time with a whale shark, and big barracuda and lots of lobster.

The island’s cabanas are literally metres from the open ocean. What better way to send you off to sleep than to the sound of waves lapping at your doorstep? They are basic but clean and I can’t think of anything else you would need other than a comfortable bed and a bathroom… You really are immersed in nature – giant moths, frogs, hermit crabs and lizards make the trip to the bathroom at night an experience…!

The food was simply amazing – Adrianne the chef is sure to have nobody go hungry! Breakfast consisted of a mix of bacon, egg, freshly made bread and pineapple or apple juice. After a day of free diving for lobster, lionfish and crab – our dinner was lionfish cerviche, fish cakes and lobster! Can’t really complain…

We learnt about the effect lionfish are having on the local marine ecosystem, how to survey conch, how to distinguish between various types of coral bleaching and the importance of certain fish to the survival of the reef. It was nice to have this balance between the fun and relaxation of living on a tropical island and the reality of the importance of ReefCI’s work.
The team are friendly, professional and fun! There was something just right about the whole atmosphere at ReefCI. The mix of cultures, a chance to meet friendly people all in an idyllic, unique location serve to make it an unforgettable experience.

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