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Quality of the dive briefing
5/5 Stars
Safety (O2, AED, EFR kit available)
5/5 Stars
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5/5 Stars

Henry Hall

I booked a dive and hotel package with Rich Coast Diving. Everything was excellent, beginning with the pickup at the airport, accommodations at Toro Blanco and diving.

The team was very friendly and helpful at all times. The dive masters were very skilled at pointing out underwater life of interest. Also, the dive masters were quite patient with underwater photographers. Dives ranged from 45-74 minutes. Most dives we had two dive masters with the group. This allows divers who were good with air to dive longer with one dive master while others low on air could ascend with the second dive master.

The boats were well maintained and stocked with water, juice, and snacks during intervals.

During the week, I executed 19 dives including 1 night dive at the following sites:
- Virador
- Monkey Head
- Puerta Gorda
- Tortuga
- Play Pen
- Corridas
- Shark Shallow
- Bat Islands (Big Scare/Black Rock)
- Argentina
- Casique
- La Buoy
- Estudiantes
- Surpressa

Over the week, we spotted a white tip sharks, spotted eagle rays, manta rays, humpback whales, dolphins and more.

I enjoyed diving with the team and would defiantly come back to dive again.

5/5 Stars


Today april 7, 2013 I had the pleasure to dive with Rich Coast diving. We made 2 local dives and besides the water temp everything was well organized :) We met at 8AM in the shop to do paper work and they actually asked for my cert card. (This did not happen to often the last 12 weeks weeks we traveled and dive in Central america)

After everybody was checked in we made a short walk to the beach where we got picked up by a little boat who took us the the actual dive boat which was moored in the bay. Our equipment was already set up and after a short introduction from the crew we set sail to the dive sites.

The briefings where good, the groups where fairly small and the local dive sites are full of marine life. From Eagle rays to sea horses and clown shrimps and big schools of fish, we saw it all.

I cannot do anything else then recommend the dive shop. I would def. dive again with this crew. Thanks guys!


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