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Quality of the dive briefing
4/5 Stars
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4/5 Stars

Terry Henderson

When I went there 20 years ago it was a mixed bag. The place was pretty rustic and the place we stayed was a communal building and islanders who lived there would come in and watch tv in the middle of the night (not good). Not fancy but nice enough.

You can dive as much as your body can handle. The dive boat was an old WW2 beach landing drop front boat. The food was excellent, The dives were awesome pristine beautiful dives, day and night. The coral stalks were all unbroken from fishing nets so some were 20ft or more tall. Not much to do on land.

The island is an 17th century salt farm and all the trees were cut down. There is a little history to see. There is a fancy place on the other side of the island but don't know the name. We were not there during whale migration unfortunately. Some of the best diving I have encountered tho. After this amount of time I suspect he has made many changes... Worth the experience!

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