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Dive Tenerife

Seascuba is a Diving centre authorized by the Government of Gran Canaria. SeaScuba is a Padi Profesional to make you feel good during your holidays, in Padi courses, adventures for qualified divers and for beginners. It´s fun families and much more..

Tenerife presents one of the most amazing dive sites in the Canary Islands. Seascuba is located opposite the Playa Arena Beach near to Puerto de Santiago where you can find wonderful underwater adventures.

The sea life here is outstanding, and you can experience the thrill of diving in Tenerife, with turtles, Rays and shoals of tropical fish.When we dive in Tenerife, we regularly see Bream, Sea Bass, Wrasse, Barracuda, Amber jacks, Octopus, Murray eel, just to name a few, and also some of the biggest Stingrays , which are very used to scuba divers and generally offer close encounters with the divers. (Gentle Giants).

We are open every day from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm and can arrange large group bookings, with excellent value for money. Seascuba usually arrange 2/3 dives a day with the deepest dive site planned in the morning, each dive usually takes around 2 to 3 hours from the moment divers leaves the dive centre in Playa Arena to the moment we return back: normally we return to the dive centre between two dives, except for when we drive out to further coasts on the other side of the island which usually is for a full day out for two dives.

We regularly visit around 32 different dive sites in Los Gigantes Tenerife suitable for for different qualifications; some require divers to be qualified up to advanced open water (PADI) or Sport Diver (BSAC) due to depth limits. Water temperature can range from 18c to 24c, we dive in full-length suits 5mm but in the summer we can get away with 3mm shorties.


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